Hydratights’ iDMS (Integrity Data Management System) is a dedicated software tool for the management of information critical to the safety and reliability of bolted joints in the process and other industries.

It allows data on materials of construction, assembly, bolt loads, maintenance history, documentation and more to be logged and retrieved through one quick, easy on-screen interface.

Meeting Industry Expectations and More

When legislation and industry best-practice is driving the need for safer systems and processes, iDMS allows managers and technicians to make decisions with absolute confidence. Over time, the system will log data for the entire lifecycle of every critical bolted joint on an installation, building up a library of essential information to aid planning, ensure joint integrity and reduce overall costs. Just as importantly, it will provide a fully traceable record for each individual piece of work, contributing to certification and compliant working practices. It will also supply a full audit trail to help in the management of technician and sub contractor competence.

The Customized Management Tool

iDMS can be automatically linked to your existing project piping specifications and its core functionality customized to suit your operational needs and specific working practices. For best results, the system should be implemented at the very start of a project’s design. However, it can be adopted at any time during the life of an asset, providing a powerful data management solution to improve efficiency and reduce project costs through design, installation, management and eventual decommissioning.

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